Doing agribusiness? Think boosting your firm with a loan as businesses close to agriculture are remembered.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenya's economy.This is the reason why commercial banks,microfinance lenders and saccos are channelling a lot of funds to the agriculture sector in form of loans to boost food security and create a reliable source of income for individuals in agricultural based businesses.But,did you notice that sectors close to agriculture (for example crop or meat processors) are ever left out of the kilimo loan packages and only farmers are covered? 
There are several kilimo loan packages from credit lenders targeting to finance both individuals and business entities in the agricultural business chain but, today I'll talk about the 'Kilimo biashara loan for agribusiness' from Equity Bank.
See also kilimo biashara loan for individual farmers.
The kilimo biashara loan for agribusiness is a loan facility not targeting livestock keepers and crop growers directly.It targets any business along the value chain of any agricultural products.If we talk of crops, then all businesses involved in processing, storing, exporting or importing, suppliers of farm inputs and equipments and stockers are eligible.For livestock, all meat processors,exporters &importers and animal feeds dealers can borrow.
-This loan is available to registered businesses along the value chain of agricultural products but not to individuals.
-This agribusiness loan is purposely for financing working capital or expasion of the agribusiness enterprise.
-The loan amount and repayment period will depend on the size of business and ability to repay.
-Both businesses with or without accounts  at the Equity Bank.
-Businesses must have relevant business licences to operate.
-Businesses must have been functional for a period not less than one year.                        

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