Mobi loans from biashara smart finance facility by KCB and Safaricom

Biashara smart is a wide financial facility offered by KCB and Safaricom limited to offer both secured and non secured loans to SMEs in Kenya.Its a mobile phone facility where safaricom subscribers can easily access by dialling *484# an follow the subsequent instructions.
Biashara smart signifies the onset of online marketing era in kenya.It offers proffessional email service,a .ke domain and a website builder. Get your business noticed online.Get voice minutes and SMS,data bundles and tablets as part of the package.
Our focus today will be on the loans, as it is the
reason why this blog exists.There are about five loan packages from KCB M-Benki.
Note that, only credible and legally registered small and medium enterprises will be evaluated,as per the information I got from Safaricom Retail in Malindi.
Biashara lite loan - this is an unsecured loan where an applicant can ask from a minimum of ksh 1000 and a maximum of ksh 20000.This loan is within one month with an interest rate of 7% at once.This is similar to Biashara medium loan.
Biashara pro1 loan - client can borrow as low as ksh4000 and as high as ksh1million.Its disbursed within 4 days.This is a secured  loan repayable within 24months at a rate of 1.5% per month.
Biashara pro2 loan- Borrow a minimum of ksh11000 and maximum of ksh1million.This is a secured loan repayable within 24months at a rate of 1.5%per month.Disbursement will be within 4 days.
Biashara pro3 loan-applicants can borrow from ksh17000 to ksh1million.This loan is secured and repayable within 24months at an interest rate of 1.5%per month.Loan will be disbursed within 4 days.
After a successful review of your business by KCB loan experts you'll be given a free KCB M-Benki account afterwhich you'll be able to apply for a mobi loan anytime at the convinience of your palm (mobile phone)!
Interested? Send me back to the bank by commenting below with your question.
Wish you success as you apply for your mobi loan.                   



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