Barclayloan, an insider loan facility from Barclay's bank of Kenya

It's normal as a modern day kenyan to need some quick cash to finance the purchase of one or more items to keep up with the current lifestyle.There are many money lenders today in kenya but as a Barclay's bank account holder,you get the lending services anytime the need may be.
Let me now take you through the loan facility for Barclay's bank of kenya personal account holders dubbed 'Barclayloan' and its subsidiaries.By now one must be aware that the Barclayloan belongs to Barclay's Bank of Kenya clients only.
When you step into a Barclay's bank branch to open
a personal account, you'll be asked to specify the level which may be Barclay, Prestige or Premier account. These are the subsidiaries I was talking about above.
Now, lets see the features and the benefits of this loan package;
.Its an unsecured personal loan for salaried clients holding active accounts with Barclay's bank of Kenya.This means that you can keep your car logbook,or land title deed because no collateral is required.
.There is a free credit life insurance,therefore,you dont need to worry about your property incase of death or permanent disability.
.Easy approval and quick access to your money.
.Barclay current account holders can borrow from ksh50000 to ksh 2.5million at an interest rate from 24.9%p.a or above.Prestige account holders can borrow from ksh50000 to ksh4million at a rate of 18.9%p.a or above. Premier account holders can borrow from ksh50000 to ksh4million at a rate of 17.9% p.a or above.
.The repayment period ranges from between 12months to 72 months depending on the amount borrowed.     
.Barclayloan applicants must be salaried individuals earning an income of minimum ksh20000.
Prestige loan applicants must be salaried clients earning an income of minimum ksh100000.
Premier loan applicants have to be earning a minimum income of ksh300000.
.All borrowers must provide the latest one month payslip and a salary remittance letter from their employers.
There will be a monthly loan processing fee of ksh50.
That is all! Interested? Apply today.Need more information? Comment with your personal query below and I'll get back to you soo after visiting the bank again for you.
Wish you success as you apply for this loan.       

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